Powassan in the news

Well, I agree that people should be kinda freaking out, but not about Powassan. That’s still a little bit like winning the lottery statistics-wise or something (but in a very bad way). Sure, Powassan is really bad, but because Lyme and other tick-born illnesses are so incredibly common now in New England, I think those are much more important to worry about.  And the impact is nothing to sneeze at.  It can easily ruin your life.  At least the life you were USED to living.  You can get used to a new way.  We did!  We will all have to soon enough, unless some miracle of science comes along.  (Which is not likely BTW, once you read about how spirochetes work.)

Anyway, here’s the article from NPR 3/11/2017

(Here’s MY GUIDE to what I do for prevention in a tick/lyme endemic area. Like most of New England.)


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