Erik in New England. Massachusetts currently.  I’m at ehaugsjaa@gmail.com

No Lyme or co-infections for me yet. But if we don’t move, I pretty much guarantee that I will someday. But for 1 kid, 1 spouse, and  the dog?  Yes.

The way I look at it is as follows.  If you live an active lifestyle and are outside a lot?  Take the CDC Lyme stats for your state and multiply by 10.  Have a dog?  Multiply by 10.  Live in suburbs with woods on the edge of your property? Multiply by 10.  So that’s 1000x.

That explains how pretty much everyone I know

  1. has had a tick and treated with antibiotics and got better
  2. knows someone (family or friend) that did NOT get better

It’s an epidemic. It’s a mess. And antibiotics will not save us.  Read my PREVENT page for more info.